2020 June

Some of our first color of the season came up the first week of June!!

The first to bloom for the 2020 season.
Purple Lupine came in again this year!

By June 17th the yellow Coreopsis began to come into bloom. Along with the Gaillardia.

June 17 2020
Still pretty green for the week of June 19th. But getting there!
Yellow field.
June 28 2020

Some strong color to finish off the month of June!

June 28 2020

Spring 2020 Wildflowers

We’re starting to prep for new wildflowers in the spring of 2020, and I thought I’d give a rundown of the dates and steps we’ve been taking.

We had a warmer than average March and were able to get out, enjoy the weather, and mow down the existing growth of the wildflowers we left standing over the winter. We also started a few of our annuals indoors for the front flower beds, mainly some purple zinnias. We really enjoyed them last year, and decided to add them to the front flowers to complement the purple coneflowers. Here’s what they looked like in August 2019.

April brought some colder temperatures again, which slowed down our outdoor activities. By early May, we were nearly back on track for normal weather. After a late season snowstorm in early May, the weather finally broke around May 15. While it was cold, we took the time to separate our seeds that we had collected last fall. We’ll be posting videos with details of that later, but here’s a look at how they were stored in the garage through the winter to dry. I like to store them in paper bags to keep them from molding.

Purple Zinnias Stored Over Winter for Seeds.
Sunflowers Stored to Dry

Here’s a look at the yard and wildflowers in early April, just after mowing the stalks in. Very minimal growth starting, except in the dog spots!

Finally, on May 19 I got around to spraying some new areas of the meadow with Roundup to kill the grass. I get the generic 41% concentrated glyphosate at Tractor Supply for ~$10/quart, then dilute into the hand sprayer. It covers plenty of area for 1 year for my size meadow. I’ve found that I like to kill off the existing grass and wait about 2 weeks before planting the new seeds. I should be able to get some new areas started in early June. Stay tuned!

Killing Grass with Roundup

Winter Beauty

Most of our focus has been on the wildflowers and summertime life, but I just had to snap a picture today of the beautiful winter beauty. We really do love Michigan in all seasons, and winter is no exception.

Snowy February Day in Michigan
A Snowy February Day in Michigan

It’s nice to enjoy this white canvas as we plan to add even more color to it in the spring.

July 2019 Wildflowers

Some people say that the best camera is the one you have with you, which is why most of the pictures on this site come from a cell phone camera. It’s decent, but every once in a while you want to grab a real camera and capture the beauty, so enjoy these pictures taken with my 10 year old Nikon D3100. I still love this camera!

A Monarch butterfly enjoying the purple coneflowers.
Our dog enjoying the wildflowers.
Black and White Dragonfly
I love these purple Zinnias. They add long lasting color when the perennials fade out.
The dragonflies really love our space
Another view of the orange dragonfly. Did I mention I love this camera?
A tired monarch relaxing at home in our sanctuary.
The black eyed susans really thrive in our sunny space.
More purple coneflowers
There’s plenty of pollen and nectar for all of the pollenators.
Bugs on milkweed
These were in our front flower bed, not the wildflowers, but they still looked wonderful.

Mom to mom sale summer part 3

Well here I am yet again! Doing my THIRD Mom to Mom sale! (Mom to Mom Sale (MY FIRST ONE) I thought I was going to have to skip this one, I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough stuff to justify paying the entrance fee of $20. This one is going to be a bit different though….I called my neighbor who was interested in doing one together; sure enough she was! So we split the fee and we’re going to split my rack and table. The cool thing about doing this with my neighbor is she has two boys… there’s no competition! We each can draw customers who are interested in either boy or girl clothes!

I’ve done some revamping to my price tags, AGAIN! Also in this post I’ll be sharing about the “How to” about the organizing and prep for the sales. For instance: once the clothes are hung up the way I have separated them is by using a paper file folder, opened up, and with the sizes printed on the edges. Then hung with a pants hanger. Customers looking on either side of my rack can see the sizes.

Size divider. File folder hung on pant hanger to separate different sizes.
Various size dividers with corresponding items in between.

For the NEW and IMPROVED price tags: I used the same method as I talked about in my Mom to Mom Winter Sale. I did use neater hand-writing! Along with more details about the outfit(s).

Improved price tag with outfit details.

Another tip that I have come across is how to hang outfits together by using large safety pins and adult size hangers. Open the large safety pin; push through the top layer of material; hook the hanger; push through the second item’s material; close safety pin. Follow pictures to see how this is done.

2 Large Safety Pins. Adult sized hanger. Item to be hung.
Large Safety Pin inserted through material.
Safety Pin hooked on to hanger with attached material.
Item 1 hooked on to hanger. Attached item 2 onto Safety Pin.
Close Safety Pin once all items are attached.
Both items hung onto hanger.
Items hanging on hanger. Ready for sale.

I will update this post once the sale has completed.

Mom to mom winter sale part 2

Well, some will say that I was crazy enough to do another Mom to mom sale. This one was held in October and mostly selling winter items and holiday special outfits. I did bring a few toys this time around -which sold like hot cakes! I didn’t have as many outfits as I did for the spring sale, but still plenty to sell (you can read about the my first Mom to Mom sale here). This sale was held at the same event as the spring sale. I really enjoy this event since the hosts do not charge for using a rack. Others have an extra fee to use any type of rack. I really hope they don’t start the up charge since it is so much more efficient for both sellers and buyers.

I did some new things for this sale for pricing. I created price tags that went over each hanger, so that each item would be priced individually. I cut a slit in a small note sized tag and slipped it over the hanger. I also included what the item was for example if it was a name-brand item or if it included more than one top/bottom.

Hanger tag

The rack was still used this year. I just love how everyone can see all the items on it. I also used the accent rack in the front of my space for eye-catching items and specialty items. This year I had a few pairs of winter boots on the rack, hats and mittens, winter gear, and holiday dresses.

Full rack

Another great idea I used from my previous sale that seemed to open my space up more, was I used a shelf on my table that I had bought. I used two milk crates to support a long board to create a shelf. By doing this I was able to add more space and again making it easier for customers to see all my items quickly and organized. Another marketing technique to make customers see my area, even from across the room, was to hang a few extra nice pieces on the wall behind my table area.

Table with shelf for more space.
Eye-catching items for advertising.

I brought the same amount of change for this sale as I did for the spring sale. I didn’t have any issues. I feel that it was a good amount. I used an apron to keep my money organized and quick to make change. As I got larger bills I put them into my purse that I had secured under my table.

It was another decent sale. I made $16 more than the spring sale! My prices were $1 higher this time since it was all winter stuff and winter clothes are a bit more expensive even new. Some of the popular items were the winter boots, snow pants, warm pajamas, and the larger size outfits. Just as the spring sale, outfits under 24 months didn’t sell well. Same as last sale I advertised using the community Facebook page and my Facebook page as well. It was the fastest and most convenient way to get the sale information accessible. All in all I was able to make some cash and unload some clothes. I still feel it was worth while doing the M2M sale. I currently don’t have quite enough to do the next sale. My plan is for the items that didn’t sell there I may list on Ebay or keep posting to my local Facebook page for others as they are gearing up for the winter. I may also take some items to a nearby re-sale shop.

2019 Wildflowers, part 3 August – November

August 2019

August continued with color. This particular orange cosmos, my five year old daughter was thankful for during our yoga session together.

August 2019 Orange Cosmos

August 6, 2019 Eye catching rows of yellows, reds, and oranges.

A sunflower attracts many pollinators. This particular sunflower was from one of our seed packets we started in our basement in March 2019.

August 2019 Sunflower
August 2019 Sunflower
Red Zinnias pop up throughout the month of August

September 2019

As September rolls in, the height of the sunflowers reminded us that summer is coming to an end and the kids are going back to school. Soaking up the warm colors as the sunflowers dance in the breeze of the meadow.

Tall orange sunflower September 2019

We are still greeted with a splash of color throughout the month. Knowing all too well the white snow is right around the corner.

September 8, 2019
September 21, 2019.

The sea of yellow is starting to disappear. They held on since June.

From a distance the color is gone. The flowers are preparing for the end of season. As we prepare for the next.

September 25, 2019

October 2019

As the seasons begin to change, frost comes again. Now we appreciate the fall colors knowing the bright colors of summer will return after months of gathering seeds and preparing our indoor space once again where we come together to cheer on spring.

October 18, 2019

November 2019

At last, the flowers have their winter blanket covering them as yet another season comes to visit. In just a few weeks time from the first frost to the first snow fall. We look forward to what this winter has to offer – sledding, family gatherings, and getting ready for a new year, a new decade, and new growth of wildflowers!

November 1, 2019

Raising our Family