2020 June

Some of our first color of the season came up the first week of June!!

The first to bloom for the 2020 season.
Purple Lupine came in again this year!

By June 17th the yellow Coreopsis began to come into bloom. Along with the Gaillardia.

June 17 2020
Still pretty green for the week of June 19th. But getting there!
Yellow field.
June 28 2020

Some strong color to finish off the month of June!

June 28 2020

2 thoughts on “2020 June”

  1. Beautiful! I also have a open large backyard, no trees in the center. It use to be an orange grove, and all we do is ride the mower for 2 hours each week.
    Thought about putting in an area like you did, to help with the pollinators here in central Florida. We do have bahia and mixed grasses that we mow…and was wondering how to get a large area clear without tractors and cultivators.
    Did the Roundup make it easier to clean out the grass?

    1. Hi Bonnie, glad you enjoy. I use roundup to kill the grass, wait 1-2 weeks, then a tow-behind dethatcher rake to ‘scratch’ the surface. This leaves most of the dead stubble so the ground isn’t bare and erodes away, but the rake exposes enough bare dirt to allow soil to seed contact. I broadcast the seed, either by hand or with a seeder for a larger area. Then, I drive around on the newly seeded area a LOT with my garden tractor to use the tires to compact the seed into the dirt. You really need soil to seed contact. That is a very important step. If you do this at the right time of year when you’ll get rain, you’ll get flowers. My seasons in Michigan will be different than yours, so I won’t tell you when to plant, but the basics should be the same. I recommend that when you have your new wildflower oasis established, mow a few trails through it to enjoy the beauty from within. Best wishes!

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